Marketing Blog of the Week – Neuromarketing

The future of science meets the future of marketing, that’s why I love this blog.  Sometimes as marketers we too caught up in emotions and forget about what the R&D lab can do for us.  Technology is moving at such a rapid pace, the marketers that can’t keep up are the ones doomed to fail.  This blog allows the marketer to better understand where science can take marketing, and the tools that are being used to take marketing to the next level.

The above post represents the intersection between science and marketing.  Imagine walking by a sign on your way to work in the big city, when suddenly your face appears in the advertisement!  Suddenly you are the Calvin Klein model with the washboard abs and silky tan skin … talk about attention grabbing.  Image-personalized ads may be the future of marketing, however the future is already here.  Linked-in has experimented with placing user profile pics in banner advertisements.  It will be interesting to see if these types of ads increase click through rates or if they just get ignored as other banner ads do.  I have not seen first hand such image-personalized ads, but I think I’m going to update my profile pic just in case.

Intrigued??? I urge you to follow this blog to further discover how science can take marketing to new heights



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